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Expert Tree provides a full range of Pruning Services.

Whether you need pruning to remove dead limbs, broken or crossing limbs, or improving tree and building clearance, we have the experience you need.

No project is too large or too small. Proper pruning will maintain the health and safety of your trees, while enhancing their beauty.

We work throughout the eastern Twin Cities, Western Wisconsin, Menomonie, Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley.

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pruning services available

Expert Tree provides a full range of pruning services, including:

  • Removing Dead Limbs
  • Pruning Broken or crossing limbs.
  • Raising Tree Canopies
  • Improving Tree and Building Clearance
  • Improving Appearance of Trees
Tree Care Professional Tied Off for Safety While Pruning Tall Tree

importance of pruning

Proper Pruning of trees ensure the safety and health of the tree and the surrounding people and property.

Additionally, periodic pruning can minimize the occurrence of storm related tree damage. 

Most tree pruning to remove dead or damaged branches can be done at any time, year round.

Tree service crew performing plant health care services

certified arborists

As ISA Certified Arborists, we follow the Pruning Standards established by the ANSI A300 and Z133 Standards.

You can be assured that your trees will be healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Tree crew in bucket removing decaying tree

emphasis on safety

We are all about safety when it comes to pruning your trees.

The safety of our clients, their property, and our workers is at the forefront of our process.

Crew tied off for safety during removal of large tree

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