Stump Grinding Services

Do you have an old, ugly tree stump on your property that you’ve been putting off having ground down? Did you cut down a tree and decide it would be cheaper to just leave the stump in the ground? No matter what your stump situation is, we can get rid of that old stump with our professional stump grinding services.

We don’t mess around with axes & saws when it comes to making those stumps vanish. We bring in the heavy artillery and grind the stump below ground level, or remove the stump entirely in some cases. Either way, when we’re done with it, that stump will be little more than a pile of mulch that you can use to spread on your planters.

Stumps are more than just ugly bumps in the ground. They can be dangerous to people and your property. Old stumps are the breeding ground for bugs and critters that can harm other parts of your home. Stumps also pose a threat to walkways, foundations and concrete. The roots from a stump can continue growing and grow into your home’s pipes, causing major plumbing issues as well.

We have the ability to grind and remove any type of stump. Our customers have the option of keeping the mulch for themselves, or if they prefer, we will clean it up and haul it away.

Give us a call today to schedule our Stump Grinding Services at your home or business.

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