Plant Health Care Services

Plant health care solutions for an evolving landscape.

Our Plant Health Care services are designed to help our customers sustain the health and longevity of their trees. From treating fungal conditions, insect infestations, and providing deep root fertilization. We also specialize in preventing Emerald Ash Borer and Oak Wilt so our customers can be assured of maximizing their long term investment in their trees.

Whether it’s about keeping a tree healthy, trying to improve the beauty of your landscape or fending off another invasion of exotic pests. Expert Tree Service and Science is here to help find the solutions that best fit you and your trees.

Boring Insects tunnel under the bark of a tree cutting off vascular flow eventually killing limbs and whole trees.

* EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) affects ash tress and will kill the tree if left untreated. Treatments are done every other year with direct trunk injections.

• Two Lined Chestnut Borer affects oak trees in our area and can eventually kill whole trees if left untreated. Treatments will vary depending on the level of infestation.
• Bronze Birch Borer affects Birch trees and can easily be treated with a couple of option types depending on the level of infestation.
• Pine Bark Beetle affects a variety of pines and will kill whole trees if left untreated. Treatment types are typically trunk injections and cultural practices like removal of heavily invested trees are commonly used.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGR treatments) is a growing scientific evolution of research and development for trees that are treated for a variety of reasons. PGR reduces canopy growth over a 3 year period which redirects some of the trees energy from canopy growth into better natural defense chemicals and fibrous root development resulting in a more heartier and healthy tree.

• Promotes fine root development
• Slows the growth of crown development and pruning frequency
• Aids in drought conditions
• Reduces pre and post construction damage
• Excellent follow up treatment for stress issues related to boring insects
• PGR is also used during root zone restoration projects due to soil compaction, root pruning and drainage problems

Fungal Foliar Diseases effect a wide variety of tree species though out our landscape. Fungal pathogens are unique to each specific tree and with proper diagnosis should be treated each season to help ensure the health, beauty and vitality.

• Apple Scab effects Crabapple trees and can be easily treated with 2 early spring spray applications. Our approach is done by changing the chemistry between applications and targeting optimal timing in the spring to deliver a very high level of protection.
• Rhizosphaera Needle Cast effects mostly Colorado Blue Spruce and White Spruce. Mid to late spring suppression sprays are recommended to be done annually to help limit the spread to new growth.
• Diplodia Shoot Blight effects a variety of Pine trees like Red and Austrian Pine as well as Scots and Jack Pine. Mid to late suppression sprays are recommended to be done annually to help limit the spread to new growth.

Vascular Wilt Diseases for Oaks and Elms is a continuing serious issue for our most prized canopy trees. To help avoid high removal costs we are dedicated to positively identifying each case and making sure the highest level of care is provided.

• Oak Wilt treatments are performed bi-annually and to help make sure treatments are not missed reminder letters are sent out to clients that will be due for that year.
• Dutch Elms Disease treatments are also done bi-annually. We provide a very high level of customer service by providing reminder letters to help ensure continued protection of your trees.

Japanese Beatles are a destructive mid summer pest that we have all come to know. Treatment and control methods are constantly evolving. Our mission is to be environmentally conscious and up to date for pollinators while providing excellent control.

Spruce Spider Mites, Spruce Gall Adelgid and Spruce Bud Scale are common issues that can effect spruce trees. We sometimes submit samples to the University of Minnesota to help pin point the many disorders of spruce trees and then come with treatment regimens.

Deep Root Fertilization can be targeted for either spring or fall and can help trees with disruption to their soil nutrient cycle. Trees that exist in turf areas in urban settings for long periods of time usually have some level nutrient deficiency. We have chosen products that are low in nitrogen and high in organics to focus on root development and reduce water stress.

• Root development
• Water stress management
• Nutrient deficiency
• Sandy/Dry soil conditions
• Summer and winter stress
• Supplies organic matter and aids in the proliferation of soil microorganisms

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